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Join us in reality!

Sun 🌞, perfect asphalt, curves, coastal roads 🏖 high mountains ⛰. Come here on your own bike 🏍 or rent on site!

Spain is perhaps the world's best motorcycle country, and Barcelona has the most bikes of all European cities. We have had hundreds of riders at Honda's unique facility, gather some friends and come down, or come to our de-rusting courses in February and March each year. WE GUARANTEE THAT EVERYONE, regardless of previous level, goes home as a better and safer driver !!!

The arrangement of the guided tours is normally the way we drive from 10.00 to about 17.00. And a normal day stage is usually between 200-400 km a day. I do not think you should stare blindly at the number of km driven without driving the maximum number of BEAUTIFUL KM !!!


Right now we have booked tours with Barcelona as a base 13-16 March and 11-14 April. If more people want to join, you are welcome !!


This summer I will drive "coast to coast" across the Pyrenees, 5-day routes with a lot of excitement on the way. June / July and August, Barcelona to Santander. These tours are mainly intended for people with their own bikes, but if you prefer to rent, it goes of course just as well.