Spain IS culture !!!! And not something small, small-scale, but one of the best countries to visit to feel the wings of history. Spain, with its colonies, became the largest country on earth after the discovery of the New World in South and North America. But here are a lot of examples from all of humanity, the earth's oldest found paintings in the Caves of Altamira, lots of examples from Roman times such as the aqueduct in Segovia, Alhambra which was taken over by the Christians in 1492 from the Moors who ended 800 years of Arab rule in large parts of the Iberian Peninsula. El camino de Santiago is also a shining example that started in the ninth century and is today more popular than ever with almost 300,000 pilgrims in 2015. El Prado in Madrid is the world's largest art museum. The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona will be ready in 2026, and is considered by many to be the world's most beautiful church, but it is clearly the most spectacular church that has a large part in the fact that 8.6 million tourists chose to visit the city last year. Do you love culture and history ??? Welcome to Spain!!!